Accessing and using a shared mailbox via Outlook online (Webmail)

Accessing and using a shared mailbox via Outlook online (Webmail)

Setting up a shared mailbox in the Outlook Web Client

Log into you Office 365 account and access Outlook.

At the Outlook main screen, on the left hand side you should see Folders, right click on Folders this and select Add shared folder

A popup section should appear - Add shared folder - type in the email address of the shared email you wish to add, it will appear below the box, when you see the correct one click on it

Once selection the window will change to display the shared email, click Add

The Window will disappear and the shared email will now be in your list you may need to scroll down the folder listing on the left hand side of the screen to locate it, clicking on the name of the mailbox will expand the folders for it

Using a Shared Mailbox in the Outlook Web client

Once you have added the shared mailbox it will always appear when you log into Outlook via the web.

Emails can be viewed by clicking on the inbox, can you can reply or forward as needed, or drag the email to another folder

Sending from the shared email address via the Outlook Web client

If you start a new email or reply to an email in a shared mailbox in the webmail version, you will reply for your personal address - to change this please follow the below steps.

Start the new email or reply, above the To/Cc section you should see three dots in a horizontal line, click on these and select Show From

The From field will now appear above To, to change the from address, click on Fromm then select other email address

Start typing in the shared email address and it will show in the results below, click on the email to select it

Once selected the new email will appear in the From field

Please note you cannot send from any email address at will, you must have access to the email address to use it, in the case of Shared Mailboxes you must have been granted access to the shared mailbox to send from that email address.

Turning on the From field in the Outlook Web Client permanently

You can have the From field show every time you start a new email or reply

To do this, once logged into the Outlook Web client click on the settings icon, it looks like a Gear/Cog

At the bottom of the new section that appears on the right, click on View all Outlook settings

Click on the second option Compose and Reply, then click the box next to Always show From.  Click Save the click on the X in the top right to close the Window

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