Annual Report Presentation (ARP) Resources

Annual Report Presentation (ARP) Resources

Annual Report Presentations (ARPs) are a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of the last 12 months and share your exciting plans for the future with community members, politicians and families.

To assist in preparing for these presentations, Scouts Queensland have produced some guidelines and templates to support you in making the most of these events.

The Chief Commissioner tries to attend ARP presentations when invited however unfortunately this is not always possible, so he has recorded a message for you to share at your 2024 ARP meeting, which can be accessed via Sharepoint here, or find it on YouTube here

Attached are the following templates you may wish to use:
  1. Sample invitations (options for blue and maroon) - to edit your own version use this link - Click Here
  2. ARP PowerPoint presentation template - this can be customised to meet your requirements
  3. ARP Sample Agenda - editable template agenda
  4. ARP Report Page - editable report cover page 
Further resources to follow include:
  1. ARP Guideline Booklet

You can enhance your ARP and awards presentations by purchasing a Scouts Queensland tablecloth for $140 plus postage if required.

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