Applying for or renewing a Blue Card

Applying for or renewing a Blue Card


As of 31 August 2020, all Blue Card applications including new and renewals need to:
  • Have a Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) customer reference number (CRN)
  • Register for a Blue Card services online account
The information below is provided as a guide. More information can be found on the Blue Card Services website by clicking here.  

Online service how-to videos
Blue Card Services have created step-by-step guides to completing particular tasks using the online services in the online applicant portal.
These videos explain what you need to know before you start, and then how to use the portal to:

  • register for an online account
  • apply for or renew a blue or exemption card
  • transfer your volunteer card to a paid card
  • replace your card if it is lost or stolen
  • update your contact details
  • update your name with us
  • apply for a replacement card.
Prove your identity for all new, renewals and exemption Blue Cards
Blue Card Services work with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to verify your identity and obtain the photo for your blue/exemption card.

To register for a Blue Card service online account, you will need a customer reference number (CRN) from TMR. You can find your CRN number on any product TMR has issued to you, such as:
  • a driver licence
  • adult proof of age card
  • photo identity card
  • industry authority

Note: If your photo was taken more than 6 years and 9 months ago, you will need to have a new photo taken at a TMR service centre.

Overseas visitors: If you are coming from interstate or overseas, the fastest and easiest way to get a CRN is to visit a TMR service centre when you arrive in Queensland. If you have the necessary ID documentation, TMR can take your photo and issue your CRN while you wait. You can then apply online for your blue card.

Apply online with Blue Card Services for new adult Members, Venturer Scouts turning 18 and Rovers, returning Members or applications submitted after the Blue Card has expired. APPLY ONLINE.

You will need to register for a Blue Card Services online account during which you will be issued with a Blue Card Services online account number. You should retain this number for future reference. Once you have registered for your online account, you will be logged in to the online applicant portal. You can also return later to log in and apply for your card.
Once you have your Blue Card Services online account number you will be prompted to provide this account number to Scouts Queensland. This should be sent to
Using your Blue Card Services online account number, we will be able to link your Blue Card information to Scouts Queensland. Upon the creation of a successful link you will receive either an text message or email from Blue Card Services advising of the successful link this will then allow you to complete and submit your blue card application.

Note: The online application works best on a desktop or tablet device.

To renew your Blue Card already linked to Scouts Queensland.

As you already hold a Blue Card which is linked to Scouts Queensland you would have received advice from both Blue Card Services and Scouts Queensland about when your card will expire.  As long as you have submitted a renewal application prior to your card expiring and it is registered in the Blue Card application system you can continue volunteering with Scouts Queensland while your application is being processed.

New Members or returning Members and hold a current Blue Card not linked to Scouts Queensland.

As you already hold a Blue Card, Scouts Queensland will link your card on receipt of your application for Membership. Please ensure you include your Blue Card number is recorded in the space provided on the form.

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