Campsite Rules - Murrenbong Campsite

Campsite Rules - Murrenbong Campsite


Thank you for choosing to camp at Scouts Qld's beautiful Murrenbong Campsite.

The prime purpose of the campsite is as a youth camping and activity centre, as well as camping and caravan site for external parties.
Please find below rules for your awareness and to be adhered during you stay.


Please take all rubbish with you. Under no circumstances, that rubbish should be buried or left behind.
Additional charges may apply when your booked site is left in an unsatisfactory condition.


    1. Have a clear space of 2 metres around fire.
    2. Do not start fire under shelter.
    3. Use an existing fire circle.
    4. Gas, Camping Stove or BBQ is allowed. 
    5. Use water to put off fire. DO NOT USE SOILto avoid the soil underneath and around, from retaining heat. 
    6. Have a bucket of water beside a fire as source for first aid and to prevent spot fires.
    7. Fuel – Windfall, such as dead branches, old stumps etc on the ground. Use enough timber for the job at hand. Bring any necessary tools for cutting deadfall. 
  • Chain Saw Use 

    1. No chain saws are to be used onsite, except with written approval from the Campsite Management Committee and only then in accordance with Scouts Queensland Safety policies, procedures and Safe Operating Procedures, which includes but is not limited to operation by appropriately licensed operators, using all correct PPE and operating their equipment in accordance with the manufactures instructions. 
    2. No trees are to be removed without written permission from Scouts Queensland  

    Land for Wildlife 

    The campsite has been recognized in the Moreton Region as a valuable habitat for wildlife and native plants.
    No pets allowed.  Exception being guide dogs and assistance dogs that are registered with the Qld Government; and must wear their jacket at all times and be restrained on a leash, even within the individual's campsite.  Their droppings must be collected and removed from site as per local law.

    Please do not damage or remove any vegetations alive or dead, as this can be habitats of the wildlife.

    Smoking and Alcohol

    • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and within 4 metres of any building entrance on the campsite. Cigarette butts must be disposed safely. 
    • All users of the Campsite and Activity Centre must adhere to the Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc.'s ruling in relation to the consumption of alcohol.
      The consumption of alcoholic beverages and other performance affecting drugs by Adult Members prior to or during a day-to-day or adventurous activity is prohibited.
    • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed when Scouts are in the vicinity.
    • The possession and or use of any banned or illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

    Vehicle Use

    QLD Road Rules apply on this campsite
    • Wear seat belt at all times.
    • No one is to be transported in the back of utility or in a trailer.
    • No part of the body to protrude from the vehicle.
    • To prevent erosion, traffic is restricted to graded roads only with particular care when approaching dam walls. Other tracks are specifically for service roads or fire breaks.
    Toilet Facilities
    Toilet facilities is available at Day Area 7
      1. Please ensure toilet block is left clean.
      2. Port-a-loos are available for use when booked at a minimum 48 hours in advance.
      3. Do not move, adjust or interfere with the Port-a-loos in any way.
      4. Port-a-loos must be left clean and tidy. Don't leave food or rubbish behind.

    Pack Shelter Toilets and Shower Block

    This area can only be used by occupants of the Pack Shelter.
    It is out of bounds to other campers unless prior arrangements have been made with the Leader in Charge of the Group that's occupying the Pack Shelter.
    The storage sheds near the Pack Shelter are out of bounds to everyone

    Water Tanks 

    This is the only water source on campsite

    • Campers are advised to boil water for drinking and to have adequate provisions of drinking water.

    • Do not interfere with the tanks in any way. 

    • Strainers at the top of the tanks and gauze on outlet pipes are to prevent the entry of mosquitos and wrigglers in the water. 


    Camping is limited to a maximum of 14 continuous days during any one stay. The patron must leave the site after the 14th day. 
    Following any stay, there must be a minimum two (2) days away from any Scouts Queensland property, before being allowed to return.

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