Changing Outlook View [Focused Inbox and Conversation View] (Webmail)

Changing Outlook View [Focused Inbox and Conversation View] (Webmail)

Enabling and disabling focused inbox

The focused view in Microsoft Outlook is a system that sorts your emails into 'Focused' and 'Other'. Focused will show any emails that are sent directly to you while other will show emails that have been sent to multiple users. Some users will prefer to use this view to see only their personal emails while others will prefer to see all emails in one place.

You can enable or disable this feature by first signing into your Office365 account then opening Outlook. Then select the settings in the top right hand corner. From there simply click on the toggle button next to "Focused Inbox", this will swap your inbox between the two views shown above.

Enabling and disabling conversation view

The Conversation View groups emails by replies, putting each response to the previous email into a single email. This can be useful for keeping track of longer chains of replies across emails.

To enable or disable this feature open the settings menu in the top right corner of Outlook in your web browser then, under the 'Conversation view' heading, click 'Newest on top' or 'Newest on bottom' to enable the conversation view or click 'Off' to turn it off. Newest on top will place the most recent reply at the top of the email and newest on bottom will do the opposite.

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