Creating a Shared Calendar - Outlook Web Version

Creating a Shared Calendar - Outlook Web Version

These steps are based using the Outlook Web (browser based) version 

To create a Calendar that can be shared, viewed and accessed by selected people follow the steps below: 

  1. Open Outlook in your Browser - go to the Calendar (bottom left)

  1. On the Calendar screen, click on Add Calendar

  1. Create a blank Calendar ( Choose a name for the calendar, the color and charm are optional) and Save

You should now see the new Calendar appear in your list.

  1. Select the new Calendar and you will see three (3) dots appearing next to the name, click on these.

  1. Now click on Sharing and Permissions 

  1. Add names or email addresses of the people you want to have access to your Calendar.

  1. Once you have added people, you can choose the type of access they have to the Calendar.

  1. When finished, go back to the Sharing and Permissions Screen of the selected Calendar to be able to manage people added or change access settings for each of them.

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