Setup your Scouts QLD email on your mobile device

Setup your Scouts QLD email on your mobile device

Setup your Scouts QLD email on your mobile device 

This guide will assist you to add your Scouts Queensland email account to a mobile device using the free Microsoft Outlook app (available from the Play/App store).

If you want to setup your email using the built in mail application on Apple or Android, please see the below links from Microsoft support to assist:

If you do not already have the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device, please use the App or Play store to download/install the App to your device.

If this the the first account in Outlook on your mobile device, you will be prompted to setup an account when you open Outlook, if you already have other email accounts setup in Outlook you will need to add your Scouts QLD account.

Please note the below images are from the Android phone version of Outlook, there are some slight differences in layout if you are on an apple device or tablet.

If you are adding an extra account to your Outlook, you will need to access add an extra mailbox using the add mailbox button on the left or via the Settings menu (gear/cog)
If this is your first account - skip down to Enter your email

In the settings menu, select add email account

If the below appears, select add an email account

Outlook may display a list of found accounts on your device - unless you wish you add any of these accounts select Skip this account at the bottom.

Enter your email:
When you are prompted enter your email then select CONTINUE

IMPORTANT: if your have a role based email, please ensure you enter your email in the format

At the next screen you will be prompted to enter your password then select Sign In

If you encounter password issues, please send an email to or and we can do a reset for you.

This will sign into your email and complete the setup in the Outlook app.

Your mailbox will be displayed and accessible using the Outlook app on your mobile device.

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