Grants for your Scout Group - where to start!

Grants for your Scout Group - where to start!

The following information applies to ALL grant funding opportunities and will help you with the application process. 

The Scouts Queensland Grants Officer, Belinda Anderson, administers all Scouts Queensland Formation grants to ensure that we adhere to Fund, Government, and Scouting guidelines and legislation.

The rules for grant applications are outlined in the QBSI 6.5 Grants and further guidance regarding the processes, links and tips are available on the Scouts QLD Grants Homepage. 

You will be notified of popular Queensland specific Grant Funds when they open via the Chiefs newsletter and on occasions Region specific and local grant details will be sent to Region Commissioners and District Commissioners for local circulation. You can also apply to Funds that you source independently, on condition the Group meets the Fund eligibility and objectives and you follow the same Scouts QLD approval process.

Details of Queensland Grant Funds can be found on the QLD Government Grants Finder Website and the Grant Funding Opportunities Scouts Queensland Website. The QLD Government Grants Finder will narrow down open Government Grants available, but you may want to look at local options in the Scouts QLD page. 

How to Start?

  1. Plan your project
  2. Seek and gain approval for your project from the Region Commissioner and District Commission (email confirmation is sufficient).
  3. Formations must have submitted their latest Financial and Property Return to be eligible to apply for grant funding. 
  4. Please forward a copy of all the grant application documents; quotes and approvals (confirmation of your District and Region Commissioners' support.) to the Grants Officer prior to submission.
  5. Please note that as the legal entity, The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc is the sponsor/auspice for all grant applications submitted by Queensland Scout Formations. The Branch Support Office should be made aware of and receive approval by the Chief Commissioner for all grant applications being submitted on behalf of the organisation. 
  6. You may be asked to provide letters of support, ABN, Certificate of Incorporation, Public Liability Insurance, Annual Report 20/21, Strategic Plan or Gift Status, most of which are available from the Grants Application Documents & Answers page or from the Grants Officer.  
  7. Please ensure that if requested, the Scouts Queensland bank account details are included in all grant applications – not your Group bank details.  Successful grant funds will be held in individual accounts by Scouts Queensland and the GST will be accounted for on your behalf against tax invoices submitted for payment from grant funds. 
  8. If your grant application is for property works with the total value of $5000 or greater, you will need to complete an F14A and may need the approval of the lessor of your property. Please contact our Facilities Team to help with this process: 
  9. All email correspondence regarding grants should include your Group Name, Grant Fund Name, and your Surname. This ensures that all parties involved are aware of who and what you are applying for and corresponding about. 
Once your Group is awarded a grant, the Grants Officer will help you to account for the expenditure of funds and acquit the grant according to the fund requirements. This process is also outlined on the website and is advised in your grant approval letter. 

If you have any specific fund queries or if you require advice on commenced grant applications, please contact the Grants Officer on: Tel: 3721 5734