Grant Expenditure Conditions

Grant Expenditure Conditions


Guidance on how to claim funds from your grant account

The rules regarding the usage of grant funds are set out in QBSI 6.5.

The grant funds have been allocated to a unique account number held at the Branch Support Office.  The preferred method of expenditure is for payments to be made by the Branch Support Office on behalf of your Formation.  The advantage is that the grant account pays the GST exclusive value and the Branch Support Office arrange the full payment of the invoice and claim back the GST.

Please send all requests for payment against the grant to the Grants Officer, confirming that the goods/services have been received and attach the Supplier tax invoice.  If the Group has paid for goods or services direct, a tax invoice must be submitted for the Group to be reimbursed.

The preferred method of payment is by direct deposit to the contractor/suppliers bank account, please ask the supplier to provide the correct BSB and bank account details with the invoice. 

All tax invoices must be dated after the grant was awarded and when requesting tax invoices, please ask the supplier to make the invoices out as follows:

Invoice to:

The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Inc.

32 Dixon Street  AUCHENFLOWER  QLD  4066

Deliver to:

The Formation name and address.

If your contractor / supplier is not registered for GST, Scouts Queensland will not be able to reclaim the GST against the invoice and therefore the full value of the invoice will have to be charged to the grant account.  Where possible please check the GST status of your contractor / supplier prior to appointment.

Please note the project must be completed prior to the acquittal date.  Failure to spend the allocated amount in the required time period may cause the Grant to close and any funds needed to complete the project will have to be raised by the Formation.  If you are unable to complete the project by the completion date, please notify the Grants Officer in writing and request an extension of time sufficient to complete the project.

The grant must be used for the purpose for which it has been approved as set out in the award letter, items not approved are not funded and cannot be purchased with grant funds.

Once the expenditure has been completed please ensure that the Formations Property Return is updated to reflect the new purchases / buildings to ensure that the Group has adequate insurance.