Group Insurance Allocation - FAQ

Group Insurance Allocation - FAQ

The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc. maintains insurance coverage in select areas to cover the broad standard operations of the organization. This is renewed each year on the 31 March, with associated costs on-charged to groups, based on the same approved model which has been used the past three years.

The following are frequently asked questions related to the annual insurance renewal:

For more information related to Scouts Queensland insurance program please see The Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) Section 5.6 Insurance

Why have insurance? 

Scouts Queensland understand that insurance costs can be a significant expenses for groups.  Insurance is a way of managing risks, by transferring the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange for a fee. Insurance is an added layer of protection for the formation, leaders and members, should the unthinkable happen.


How are the insurance values calculated?

The cost of insurance is then spread across all formations based on an agreed standard model that was approved at the November 2018 Regional Commissioners Conference.
  1. Public liability based on average membership over the previous scout year.
  2. Contents, marine, and vehicle insurance costs (where applicable) are charged based on information supplied through the annual property return.
  3. Property value, is based on a banded model that estimates the replacement value of a standard design den, again this was conformed through the annual property return.
If you would like a copy of what data was used to calculate your insurance invoice, please contact 

How do rates this year compare with previous years?

The same method for allocating insurance costs has been used for the last three years. The table below shows the rates calculated from previous years: to be used for comparison purposes only
* 2020/21 rates are based a significant fee reduction due to Covid-19 impacts.
26 March 2020 the Association suspended of face to face program deliver, and transition to Scouting@Home. With this change we were able to negotiate significantly reduced insurance costs, with this saving directly passed on to formations. Had we not negotiated this last minute fee reduction the rate for the 2020/21 public liability would have been $33.92. 
2022/23 ISR rates were heavily impacted by the February March Floods/Storm Events 

Isn’t insurance covered in the membership fee?

Personal accident Insurance is covered in the annual membership fee. This is separate from the other policies such as public liability, industrial special risk (property), marine and vehicle insurance.

My group is in recess, why was I charged?

All “active” formations in SMS are included in this calculation, and will receive an insurance allocation. This includes formations  that have been put in recess at a local level, and not officially within sms.

Why are my fees higher than last year?

There could be a number of internal and external factors which impacted the insurance costs.
External factors could include:
  1. Natural disasters or events which have resulted, or may result, in payouts across the insurance sector
  2. General world market factors 
Internal Factors could include:
  1. The number of and value of claims made across the whole association 
  2. Risk management across the whole association, how well we develop and follow the association risk management policies and procedures impacts the premiums charged.
  3. Changes in average number members
  4. Changes to property or equipment values made through the annual property return.
  5. Increasing building and material costs
  6. Any new equipment or new facilities
If you would like a copy of what data was used to calculate your insurance invoice, please contact 

The members number on the invoice does not match your membership numbers on census date?

The Public Liability allocation is based on the average over the past year, so changes made on our around census date may not effect the insurance allocation.

Shouldn't the public liability only be calculated on youth membership?

Public Liability recharge is calculated on both adults and youth members. In theory all insurance costs are paid as a bulk fee, which we then portion across all formations based on an agreed formula. It is a way of sharing the costs, in a fair and equitable way. 

If we were to only use youth membership the total cost would be split across few members, meaning the rate would be higher and the net effect to groups would be the same.

Are Public Liability costs calculated including Youth Program Supporters?

No, The Public Liability Insurance costs are calculated on the average number of members (Adults and Youth) listed in sms over the previous 12 months. In this case as Youth Program Supporters are not formally listed as members in sms they are not included in the formula.

Ultimately this is just a formula used to portion the total costs across all formations.

There is not enough information on the invoice?

We endeavor to provide as much information as we can based on the limitations of the system. Most data is generated directly from sms, and through information supplied through the annual property return.

Property value, this year, was based on a banded model that estimates the replacement value of a standard design den.

How are we supposed to pay this invoice, we don't have enough money?

We can understand that some groups may be suffering financial hardship, in those situations groups should contact their District and Region Leaders for assistance and support.

What if I have further questions?

Additional information related to Scout Queensland Insurance polices and procedures can be found in QBSI Section 5.6 Insurance
Any additional questions should be directed 

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