How to access Office 365 via the Web

How to access Office 365 via the Web

Office 365 is designed to allow you to work entirely from your browser window

There are a few different ways you can access Office 365 in your browser, and you can use the browser of your choice, note if you are using a Mac, Microsoft recommending using Google Chrome, however if you do wish to use Safari, please ensure you are using the latest version.

Quick access to your webmail: 
You can use the following link to directly load into Outlook when logging into Office 365:

Option 1: Via the Scouts Queensland website:
If you load the Scouts QLD website: in the top right corner there is a link to the Office 365 portal, clicking this will take you to the login screen

Option 2: Type into your browser:
In your browser address bar type or click this link

Logging in:

If this is your first time signing in it will bring you to the Sign in page.
In the Email, phone or Skype section type your username which is always

Click Next

At the next screen you will be prompted to enter you password.
If this is your first time logging in, it will be the password from your invitation email.

Enter your password and click Sign In

First a first time logging in, or if you have had your password reset, you will be prompted to change your password.

Enter your current password into the top section, then enter your new password in the two boxes below.  Your new password will need to be 8 characters long and contain a Capital Letter and Number. Click Sign In when done.

The first time you log into Office 365 you will be shown a few welcome screens, use the right arrow to proceed.

You will then see the Office 365 Dashboard, at the top are the Apps you can load in your browser, in the top right you should see a Message to Set your timezone, click on the highlighted section to do this.

NOTE: There is an install Office button on this screen, the licenses we receive from Microsoft Office for free do not include the install version of Word, Excel etc, only the online versions, so clicking this button will not allow you to install Microsoft Office.

This will bring you to your Outlook setup, use the right arrow to step through the setup.

We recommend setting your Language to English (Australia) and Time zone to (UTC + 10:00) Brisbane.

The next screen allows you to select a Theme - this is just the look of Office 365 in your browser and is completely personal preference

The final screen allows you to set a signature, you can skip this step and come back to it later or do it now

Setup will complete and you should see the following screen, click Get Started to continue - you will be taken to Outlook/Your Webmail

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