How to Apply to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund

How to Apply to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund


Gambling Community Benefit Fund


The Gambling Community Benefit Fund Grant Program provides funding to community groups to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities. 

Grant applications are prepared and submitted through the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s online portal and Queensland Scout Formations are reminded that under QBSI 6.5 (Financial Management – Grants), all grant applications must have the prior approval of the District Commissioner, Region Commissioner and Chief Commissioner and be lodged through the Branch Support Office prior to submission.

As the legal entity, The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Inc. is registered with the Fund as the ‘Sponsor Organisation’, individual Queensland Scout Formations are defined as ‘Sponsored Entities’ by the Fund.

Below are the instructions for Queensland Scout Formations wishing to apply to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. The instructions provide step by step guidance on how to apply for a grant and what information must be contained within your application to be eligible. The instructions have been developed in consultation with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General who have assisted by specifying what information should appear in each section. 

All Queensland Scout Formations wishing to apply for a Gambling Community Benefit Fund Grant must first contact the Grants Officer at the Branch Support Office who will register the Formation on the online portal and provide a username and password. Formations with an existing online registration must ensure that the most recent financial information from the Formations audited accounts appears in the organisation details section.

Please contact: Belinda Anderson, Grants Officer at or 07 3721 5734.

Key Points:

    1. The Branch Support Office will register all Scout Formations on the online portal and a username and password will be provided on request.
    2. Formations must confirm the support from the District Commissioner (where applicable) and Region Commissioner in writing.
    3. Group Leaders must also be aware of and support all grant applications submitted on their behalf.
    4. For Facility Improvements, please refer to the F14 Building Approval Process. Formations must receive ‘Approval In Principle’ for the project prior to submitting a grant application. All the information requested in the F14 is required by the Grant Fund to support your application, and it is the legal entities responsibility to ensure that the supporting information is obtained. Contact: for further details regarding the F14 Building Approval Process.
    5. The Fund will no longer gross up grant awards for GST, therefore you will receive the full value of the grant and where tax invoices are provided you can spend a further 10% as the GST on goods and services can be reclaimed by the Branch Support Office (e.g. $35,000 grant award will be acquitted with invoices valued at $35,000 excluding GST therefore the Formation can spend up to $38,500 including GST).
    6. Because of the organisations GST status, values entered in the requested items section of the application form must be ‘excluding GST’.
    7. All items requested must be supported by quotes which may be requested by the Fund during the Quality Assurance Audit process.
    8. The acquittal period for Facility Improvement projects is 12 months but for other purchases the acquittal will be due in 6 months. 
    9. Formations wishing to apply must have completed their current Finance and Property Returns and must not have any un-managed debts.
    10. Only the Chief Commissioner's details can be entered in the Declaration as being ‘legally empowered’ to enter into a funding agreement.
    11. Applications submitted by Scout Formations without the prior approval of the Chief Commissioner will be rejected and removed from the portal. 
    12. Closing dates annually: 28 February, 30 April, 30 June, 31 August, 31 October. 

Instructions for submitting grant applications using the Online Grants Portal

Online Portal Registration

Registration – How to register a Scout Formation on the GCBF online portal

The Branch Support Office will register all Queensland Scout Formations who wish to apply to the Fund.

Contact: Grants Officer, Scouts Queensland

Email:  Tel: 07 3721 5734

Formations with an existing grant open will not need to register the Group as their details have been transferred into the new system, but may need to update their financial details. Contact the Grants Officer for access details.

Please provide the following information in order for the Grants Officer to complete your registration:

- Formation Name

- Physical Address of Group and Postal Address (if different) 

- When was the Group established?

- What geographical area does your Group cover? (Towns/suburbs from which Members attend the Group)

Financial Position of the Group, from the last audited accounts provide figures for the following:

- Income
- Expenditure
- Assets
- Liabilities
- Cash at Bank

- Investments

On provision of the information set out above, the Group will be issued with a User Name and Password.

Completing an Online Grant Application

Login to the online portal

Select: To submit an application visit:

Welcome Page

Enter the Welcome Page and read the terms and conditions and privacy statement.  

On completion, tick the box to agree to the privacy statement and press CONTINUE

Sign In Page

Enter the Group Name and Password

Select: SIGN IN

When logging into the portal, type your organisation number or name slowly and wait for the full name to appear in the drop down list. Type in your password exactly as it appears in your registration email (the portal is case sensitive).

Organisation Details

The organisation details completed when the Formation was registered appear on the page, check that these are still correct.

Select: Save and Continue


Select: Create a new application or + New Application

New Application

As a ‘sponsored entity’ you are required to enter the name of the ‘Sponsor Organisation’:

Enter: The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc.

Details regarding the ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Sponsored Entity’ will automatically be completed based on the information provided during registration.

Application Contact Person

Enter the name and contact details of the Formation Contact, preferably a Group Leader.

Accountable Officer

The Chief Commissioner is the Accountable Officer, details will automatically appear based on the registration details.


It is strongly recommended that Formations contribute to the cost of the project either financially and/or in-kind.  Priority will be given to applications where there is a co-contribution.

Requested Items

Complete a separate line for each of the requested items.  Use the drop down menu to select the item category, enter a description and quantity and the total value of the item.

Select ‘Add an item’ to add additional rows.

Please note: As Scouts Queensland is registered for GST you are required to enter the exclusive GST amount for each requested line item. 

Grants will be acquitted using invoices to the value of the grant excluding GST spent on the goods or services. For example, if you receive $35,000 of funds, when you acquit the grant you will provide invoices to the value of $35,000 excluding GST (or $38,500 including GST where tax invoices are provided).


Complete this section if the funds are required for an event.  Ensure the event will be held after the date the grant is due to be awarded.

Facility Improvements

Answer the questions Yes/No to each question in order, further questions will appear depending on your answer to each question.

Application Description

Enter text to explain the project benefits for the organisation and the community.

Select from the drop down menu the category that best describes the people most assisted by the application.

It is strongly recommended that the project should support more than one not-for-profit organisation and that the project should provide an opportunity for the Group to generate income.

Select Yes/No as appropriate and provide supporting information.

Natural Disaster

Complete this section of the application if the project is required as a result of a natural disaster.


Enter the number of Group members, include; youth, leaders, committee and other volunteers.

Enter the number of people accessing the facilities, including all of the above plus family members, casual and regular Den rentals. As a general rule we multiply the Group’s membership by four to account for visitors throughout the year. 

Note: Region and Organisation Service Type will both automatically complete based on information from the registration page.


You will be asked to provide three referees who should be from outside of Scouting.  

They will not be required to provide a letter of support however, they must give permission for their contact details to be included in the application.

Federal MP’s, State MP’s and Local Councillors are familiar with the process and often receive such requests however please make contact early and give them sufficient time to respond.


The Declaration is to be completed by the Grants Officer only once the Chief Commissioner has confirmed authority to proceed.


Save the application.

Scout Formations are not authorised to submit grant applications without the prior approval of the District Commissioner, Region Commissioner, and the Chief Commissioner.

Notify the Grants Officer when you have completed the draft application.

These instructions have been developed in consultation with the Gambling Community Benefit Fund and the advice provided will ensure the effective processing of grant applications.