How to Say Thank You and Best Practise for Grant Acquittals

How to Say Thank You and Best Practise for Grant Acquittals

Say ‘Thank You’

It is really important to thank those who award grant funding to your Group. Write letters of thanks, celebrate your achievements with your members and community and recognise the contribution and the outcomes resulting from financial support in press releases, blogs, newsletters and on websites.

The Acquittal

When you receive grant funding, Scouts Queensland enters into a contract with the Grant Fund who set out the terms and conditions of the funding. The acquittal of a grant is the way in which a Funding Body wish to receive certification from the recipient that the funds have been spent in the way in which they were intended. This could be in the form of:

  • Completion of an acquittal form
  • Provision of tax invoices, receipts and/or bank statements as evidence of expenditure
  • Acknowledgements to the Fund for their contribution
  • Photographic evidence
  • Samples of publicity
  • Progress reports (milestone reports)

When you are successful with a grant application you must read the acquittal requirements of the grant. If a grant is not properly acquitted in a timely and accurate manner, you risk losing the funding or jeopardise any future funding for your Group.

The following are samples of best practice in 'Saying Thank You' and providing the grant information required by the Grant Fund in a clear and professional manner:


Where there is no set format for an acquittal an email may be sufficient:


 Dear xxxx and the Office of the xxxx xxxx Ward 

Thankyou for the support from your office and the Lord mayors Community Fund. Through grant xxxxxx we were able to install solar panels on our roof and an accompanying inverter.

With regard to the acquittal for this project we used local suppliers xxxxxxx (receipt attached), the work has been completed and I was satisfied visually with the quality of the installation at {insert address}, and sample photos are included showing the installation of panels and inverter. We have publicised the project on our website and pushed out to various scouting social media channels acknowledging the support of the Fund.  The blog article  can be found at {insert link}.

Our Chair is happy to be contacted if any further publicity/photos would be helpful.

kind regards and thankyou so much for your ongoing support of the group.



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