How to Write a Media Release

How to Write a Media Release

Engaging with the local media is a great way to boost the public image of Scouting. There are however a few things to consider when writing a media release for your Formation, Event or Activity to ensure it is a success. This ‘how to’ guide provides key points to consider and a template to use when writing a Media Release.

Refer to QBSI 4.2 Media to ensure compliance with Scouts Queensland requirements.

Before you begin, you must first decide on a newsworthy story.  For something to be newsworthy it must have one or more of the following elements:

  1. information
  2. significance
  3. interest
  4. relevance
  5. timeliness and uniqueness
  6. human interest 
Once you have selected your story, use the media release template attached following the outline.

Tips and key considerations:
  1. Do not exceed 1 x A4 page in length.
  2. Save media release as a PDF and send as an attachment.
  3. Include one or two photos.
  4. Before publishing photos, please ensure you have the permission of the participant or the participant’s parents / guardians for youth members.
  5. The best photos are close-ups of one or two people actively engaging with an activity.
  6. Attach only small-format photos and link to the large, high resolution files via a OneDrive / SharePoint / Dropbox link.
  7. With permission, include the full names of people in the photos in ‘Attachments’ from left to right.
  8. To send, copy the text from your article into the body of the email.
  9. Subject of email should be attention-grabbing.
  10. Copy in your Formation Leader, District Commissioner and the Scouts Queensland Brand and Sponsorship Team (
  11. Share the media release to the Formation social media or website AFTER a media outlet has published or after its clear that nothing will be published, by sharing the published version it supports the media outlet and you are more likely to get favourable coverage in future.

Before sending your Media Release to your local media, it must first be approved by your Formation Leader (Group Leader or District Commissioner).

For all Media Enquiries please refer journalists to the Scouts Queensland Media line tel: 3721 5780

A Sample Media Release is attached to this article