How to Write the Perfect Newsletter Article

How to Write the Perfect Newsletter Article

Writing an article for the Scouts Queensland, Chief's Newsletter is not difficult but there are a few things you can do to ensure your article achieves the best results from being published! The following Knowledge Base article provides tips on how to write the perfect newsletter article. The Scouts Queensland Newsletter is sent to all Members with an email address which means it is the best location to get the most relevant and up to date information from the source. As such, it is important we maintain consistently high standards with what is included. Before publication each week the newsletter is distributed to an Editorial Team who maintain the right to edit all articles submitted. 

What is the Purpose of Your Article?
The first step is to have a clear understanding of the purpose of your article, do you wish to share an opportunity? Express gratitude? Share a project or activity you have done? Share information? Or something else? Once you know what you want your article to achieve, it is easy to ensure it fulfills it's purpose. 

Article Headings
Newsletter articles require a clear heading. This heading can be a call to action or a brief summary of the article to entice the readers to click and find out more. Headings should be no more than 10 words and concisely convey the message you are sharing. Every word in your heading (except connecting words like 'and' or 'at') should be capitalised. 
Example: A good newsletter Heading and the space they appear in.
The next step is to write your text. Newsletter text is most effective when limited to about 150 words, this ensures just the highlights are shared and helps the reader to clearly understand your message. If you need more than 150 words, provide the full story in an attached document that can be linked to the article. The Brand and Sponsorship Team are happy to help turn your story into an article if you require assistance.  

If you are sharing information from a website or other internet link, this should be hyperlinked in the body of text. This will published as follows: 'To find out how to apply for this camp, click here [hyperlink].' so be sure to provide all links to further information and indicate where you would like the link to sit in the text. 

Example: This image depicts how the article will look in the newsletter. Note the hyperlink to access the nomination form and the relevant contact details clearly shared.

To finish your article, please provide your name and position in Scouting and any relevant contact details you feel are required. 

Finally, in order to make your article stand out, a great photo should be selected that supports your purpose. Great photos are high resolution, have good lighting and the subject matter is clear. If your photo has people in it, please ensure you have permission from the individual or their guardians (if under 18) before use. 

To submit a newsletter article, email your complete article to, if you have a specific week you wish the article to appear please state that in the request.  The weekly submission deadline is 12 noon on Wednesday for a 4.00pm Thursday publication. If you miss that week's cut off, your article will be included in the following week. 

Scouts Queensland reserves the right to edit all items for style, consistency, brevity and clarity. Scouts Queensland maintains the right to deny an article's publication if it goes against the Scouting Fundamentals and or the Chief's Newsletter purpose. 

If you have any questions or require assistance in how to write the perfect newsletter article, please contact the Brand and Sponsorship Team on
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