Insurance within Scouts - What do I need to know?

Insurance within Scouts - What do I need to know?

This document is meant to provide a summary of information related to the Scouts Queensland Insurance program, for more detail information please read The Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) Section 5.6 Insurance or email 

Everything we participate in at Scouts has an element of risk which we identify and control as far as reasonably practicable; sometimes things happen outside of our control. For this reason we have several insurance policies to cover our members and the Association.  Our insurance policies are developed and on-charged based on the information provided through the membership system (SMS) and the detail included in the annual property returns. Failure to maintain these records may affect the amount you will receive in the event of a claim and the amount you are charged for the renewal. 

Making a Claim

An insurance claim is usually triggered by an incident.  Once the initial incident has been dealt with and everyone is safe, the Branch Support Office risk team should be advised through the appropriate incident form ( F18 for personal injury or F1 Insurance Claim form for property). In most cases formations or individuals will also need to provide quotes and/or details of any loss or damages.  The branch team will then assist in liaising with insurance companies in finalising any claims. 

Note, any insurance claim will incur an administration fee of $500 The administration fee is invoiced directly to the formation making the claim. 

What are we covered for?

Personal Accident (Group Personal Accident / Voluntary Workers)

This insurance covers all financial members identified in our membership system (SMS) whilst involved in official organised Scouting activities including direct travel to and from such activities. There is an age limit of 5-85 years.  There are limits to the amount payable such as Non-Medicare Medical Expenses (including Dental).  There are also limitations to what can be claimed. 

The personal accident insurance does not cover visitors to our Scout properties.

Building Insurance (Industrial Special Risks)

Our buildings and contents are insured based on the values identified in the annual property returns.  We are insured against events such as named cyclones, flooding, fire and property loss.  Depending on the type of claim the excess varies, however these will be covered by Scouts Queensland. The formation will only be expected the $500 administration fee as noted previously.

Commercial Motor Vehicle

Our vehicles and trailers are all insured based on their market value or insured value identified in the annual property return (whichever is less).  The excess on any claim is $500 for vehicles and $50 for trailers. Note that while a trailer is attached to a vehicle this this should be claimed under the tow vehicles insurance policy not the scouts Queensland policy. As such scout owned trails must only be used in conjunction with an appropriately maintained, registered and insured vehicle.

Marine Hull

Our marine vessels identified on the annual property return are insured for loss, damage and liability whilst on the water (or in transit, when on a dedicated boat trailer) this includes (but not limited to) canoes, catamarans, windsurfers, sailboats, dinghies, kayaks and power boats

Public and Products Liability Insurance 

Covers the organization and the members against the legal liability to pay compensation in respect of injury to any person (including sexual abuse); property damage; and, advertising injury.   

Additional Policies

We have additional polices to protect the association against specific activities including:
  1. Non-Ownership Aviation (for the Scout run Air activities only)
  2. Association Liability
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Insurance
  4. Transit insurance (for sending equipment around Australia e.g. for a Jamboree or Cuboree)
  5. WorkCover
Any additional questions should be directed 

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