Inventory Set Up

Inventory Set Up

There are a number of ways you can set up a campsite:

1. Open Campsite (Easiest, and best suited to large areas) you set a campsite capacity limit, and allow numerous groups to book the site until that capacity is reached (example… Chernobyl Glade at BP park)

2. Exclusive use site (Best suited for smaller unit or patrol sized sites, tends to be favoured by scout groups) the site still has a camping capacity and won’t allow more people than this limit, but as soon as one group books does not allow any other groups to book that site. (Example… each site at Murrenbong is set up this way)

3. Exclusive use with minimum quantity (Best suited for a larger site where someone insists on exclusive use) In some cases a scout group will want sole use of a large campsite, we have achieved that by insisting on a minimum booking costs and no matter what their group size they would have to pay at least this amount. (example… Robs Kitchen at Karingal, if you want to secure that entire space you have to pay for at least 100 campers even if you have a group less than that)

4. Campsite Plots w/- parent child set up (Best used for large camp site where you will typically have a number of groups camping at the same time) Essentially divide the campsite up into a number of different sections, it is best when there is also a physical marker on site that clearly defines the boundaries between the plots the customer then get a drop down list when they book showing the available sites. (example… Skipper Jackson Field at BP Park)Group will need to accept that the site will be shared

Note that this arrangement is more complex and would take more time to set up, best really if you want to divide a site into a number of plots

5. Divided Campsite (If you want to divide a large campsite in a few sites) This is relatively simple, you just clone the campsite and adjust the capacity, its best when there is a clear boundary between the sites, but groups need to understand someone else may book that site next to them and they will not have exclusive use (example… "Skip" Clarke Glade 1 and "Skip" Clarke Glade 2 at BP Park)

6. Packages (For if a group will regularly book a number of items or sites) we can also set up packages to join inventory items together for regular bookings, you would not do it for infrequent or occasional booking, but it can same time on regular bookings. E.g. whole site booking… note that in this case you may want to charge a flat fee which would need to be approved by the Branch Finance Committee

As a committee you can structure the sites how you choose, and can have a different arrangement for individual campsite.

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