Project Size

Project Size

Project Sizing guidelines assist in determining the size of a project and the minimum level of project documentation and governance required to enable the project's success.
The result of the sizing assessment is a clearly defined and accepted agreement as to how the project will be managed and the level of detail and discipline to be employed.
Project size is determined using a total rating after considering the various elements of the project.

Elements for determining project size

Total cost< $20K$20K to $100K>$100K 
Resources/ Staff/ Members<1 FTE– 5 FTE> 5 FTE 
RiskMinimum riskSignificant riskMajor risk 
ComplexityEasily understood problem, solution and the solution is readily achievableEither difficult to understand problem, solution unclear or solution difficult to achieveBoth problem and solution difficult to define or understand, and solution difficult to achieve 
Strategic PriorityImport for business as usualImportant to achieve the strategic planCritically important to achieve the strategic plan 
Duration< 6 months6-12 months> 12 months 
IndependencyNo links or only a few links to other systems and projectSeveral links to other systems and projectsMany links to other systems and projects 
Stakeholders affectedSmall subset (within one team)Medium subset (many teams and/or external)Large subset (most of the Branch and external parties) 
Total rating 

Project size based on total rating

8: Small project

9 - 16: Medium project

17 - 24: Large project


Application of project management discipline

After the determining the size of the project, the amount of project management activity and documentation required can be determined. Having determined the requirements based on the classification above, agency specific considerations should be taken into account.

Project initiation documents (Conceive and Plan)Mandatory / BriefMandatory / DetailedMandatory / Detailed
Project Management PlanBriefMandatory / DetailedMandatory / Detailed
Business caseBrief outlining of the costs and benefitsReport with all benefits identified

Full report including benefit realisation accountability


Status reportsBriefMandatory / DetailedMandatory / Detailed
CompletionMandatory / BriefMandatory / DetailedMandatory / Detailed


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