Outlined below are the specific responsibilities associated with this project management framework

  • The PID shall be approved by either the General Manager or the Chief Commissioner
  • The Branch Finance Committee shall use the candidate project PIDs to determine relative merits in allocating budget funds.  The allocation of budget funds does not mean project approval.
  • The Project Scope is approved by the Project Sponsor plus either the General Manager or the Chief Commissioner
  • Business case approval is in accordance with the Branch Delegation Matrix.
  • The Branch Executive Committee following a recommendation from the Branch Finance Committee approve the projects listing including prioritisation.
  • Project Steering Committees will be responsible for the oversight of each of their assigned projects, ensuring that the project is being executed in line with the goals and objectives.
  • The appointed Project Manager will be responsible for the project team from the concept phase through to the completion phase. They will be the point of contact for the project and will ensure each phase is managed in accordance with this framework.
  • The Operations Manager will arrange for the consolidation of monthly project for reporting to BEC.

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