Restricting Bookings - CheckFront Guide

Restricting Bookings - CheckFront Guide


Scout Queensland has implemented an online for managing bookings around select campsites, activity centers and equipment hire. This how to guide is meant for any scouting formations that utilizes the CheckFront system to manage their booking.

Events are a power and useful tool in the CheckFront system, this How to Guide focuses on making an inventory item unavailable for a set period of time. Practical applications of this function include but may not be limited to:

  1. If there is a major event at your site and you wish to close off booking
  2. If a section of the site needs to be closed for maintenance or safety reasons

Should you have any difficult following this process please contact

Step 1 - Logging into the system

This functionality is only available from the CheckFront management portal:
Use the system login provided by the Branch Support Office to access the system, should you have any trouble login in or accessing the system please contact

Step 2 - Open Item Events

Once you have logged into the system, open "Item Events" under the "Inventory" menu 

Step 3 – Open a New Item Event

The CheckFront Item event page should now be open, and list all active events in the system.

Click on the “+ New Item Event” button

This will open the ”Seasonal Item Event” page


Step 4 – Setting up a New Item Event

The following settings are required to make inventory unavailable for a set period of time:

1. Set the inventory status to “Unavailable”

2. Give the event a meaningful name

3. Set the recurrence to one time only, as well as the appropriate start and finish dates.
You can also set restrictions to specific time slots, but we would recommend keeping to specific whole days for simplicity 

4.      Select what inventory you want this to apply to.

Note that you can select all inventory or choose specific inventory items to be made unavailable. To expand the individual inventory items, click on the small arrow to the right of the category

5.       Click the “Create” button

The event will be active, and will not allow any booking for the dates and items you have selected.

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