Section Transition Fact Sheets

Section Transition Fact Sheets

Youth Member Section Transition Ideas - Leader's Fact Sheet

Ideas to help you help Youth Members to transition to the next section

"Keeping Youth Members Engaged in supporting transition into the next section"

  1. Within each section explain transition to the new section to increase the Youth Members understanding
  2. Create and enable a "Family Culture" within the Group, some suggestions may include: Annual Group/ Family Activity, End of year family camp/ BBQ/ Campfire/ Carols
  3. Plan and implement cross sectional activities so that the younger sections get to meet and see the older sections
  4. Consider biannual whole group meetings - all sections same time, same night
  5. Ensure the going up ceremony is memorable and appropriate for the Youth Member
  6. Consider 'term transition  ceremonies' so Youth Members go up in a group as opposed to individuals
  7. Make the going up ceremony exciting!
  8. Leaders from the Youth Member's previous section phone the parents 3 months after moving to see how the Youth Member is going and share this with Leaders and Group Council
  9. Highlight the excitement of the next section: new opportunities, new friends, exciting activities

Count it down - BUILD EXCITEMENT!

Parents Section Transition Ideas -Leader's Fact Sheet

Ideas to help you help Parents to transition to the next section

"Keeping Parents of Youth Members Engaged as their child transitions into the next section"

  1. Consider introducing a Parent Liaison role within your Group Committee - this person can support: Welcoming new parents to the Group, Support parents as their child transitions, Lead and develop a parent patrol that links to the new section
  2. Develop a transition pack for each section highlighting the opportunities in the news section whilst also noting: Opportunities, Activities, Increased leadership responsibility for their Youth Member, Meeting times and upcoming program, Any change in costs
  3. Provide parents with a copy of the Unit Code for the section their Youth Member is going too
  4. Takes the opportunity to reinforce "One Program"
  5. Discuss the transition ceremony and the role the parents play

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