Setting up a Meeting using Teams

Setting up a Meeting using Teams

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Installing Teams

For best results it is recommended to you install the Microsoft Teams app – available free from: 

Use the Download Teams button to be taken to the download page

Click on the Download Teams button and save or run the file when prompted

NOTE: the download popup may look different depending on the browser you are using.

Once downloaded, install teams by running the installer from the location you saved it too.

When prompted log in using your Office 365 credentials:
NOTE: Your username is always 

Setting up the Meeting in Teams

Once you have teams installed, you should see the menu options on the left:

The first area you want to look at is the Calendar – click on this section

In the top right you should see the Meet Now and + New Meeting buttons

Click on New Meeting, this will bring up a new screen for you to enter the meeting details.

Title – name of the meeting, this is what will be shown in the Calendar entry

Add required attendees – allows you to invite people to join the meeting

The time/date section allows you to set when the meeting will take place

Add channel – this allows you to include a Teams channel to meet in, doing this places an entry in the channel about the meeting and includes a Join meeting button for easy access (this is not a required step, completely optional)

Location is where the meeting is taking place (mainly used if the meeting is taking place in a physical location as well as virtual)

The final box allows you to add any notes about the meeting that attendees can review.

Once complete you can click the Save button in the top right and invitations will be sent to anyone included in the attendees section.

Sharing the Meeting with Other People

Once the meeting has been created, you will be able to see it in your Team Calendar (it should also appear in your Outlook calendar as well.

To easily share the meeting with others, go to your Calendar in teams and click on the meeting to open it:


In the Description section at the bottom you should now see a Join Microsoft Teams Meeting line, this is a link to join the meeting, you can copy and paste this section and send it to anyone you would like to invite to the meeting via Email any sort of message system.

Clicking on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting will allow someone to join the meeting via the web browser or using the Teams application

Running your meeting

Once you have started the Team meeting you will see a bar appear in teams

The first button along from the timer, is the video camera – this turns your video feed on/off

Camera is on:    Camera is Off: 

Next to that is the microphone – this mutes your microphone

Microphone is on:    Microphone is off:  

The next button along is the Share Screen button – this allows you to display what you can see on your screen to meeting participants.  Clicking it will bring up the following:

What is displayed is a list of Windows and screen than can be shown to the meeting – so you can choose to just show when is on one screen if you are using two, or only a certain window, once you select what you wish to display a red boarder will be shown around what is being shown to the meeting:

To finish screen sharing click the Stop Sharing button

The next option is the three dots – More actions 

The following menu items are shown:

Show device settings – allows you to adjust your audio setup – which speakers/microphone to use

Show meeting notes – this is a shared notes taking area – so you can take notes about the meeting that can be viewed during and after the meeting and are shared with other participants

Enter full Screen – makes teams full screen

Start Video with blur/Blur background – this option allows you to blur the background in your video feed so your surroundings aren’t as visible see example below:

Turn on live captioning – Teams will generate captions based on what is being said and display them onscreen

Keypad – shows the keypad, mainly used for those companies that have phone systems running via teams

Start recording – you are able record your meeting and publish it to Office 365 – when a meeting is being recorded a notification appears for everyone so all know the meeting is being recorded

End meeting – This ends the meeting for everyone attending

Turn off incoming video – this option allows you to turn off incoming video and go audio only, can be handy if you are located in an area that does not have good internet service – you can remove video content and just receive audio.

The next button along is the Show/Hide Conversation button  – this open the chat window on the right allowing all meeting participants to types messages – can be handy for questions if you have a number of people in the meeting – you can also include attachments in the chat section if you want to share a document or image or link

The second to last button is the Show/Hide Participants  this brings up the People pane on the right.

Here you can see who is currently in the meeting, who has been invited and not joined and also invite other people – you can also get a copy of the link to the meeting using the  button to send to others

The final button is Hang Up which disconnects you from the meeting  if you are the organiser, this will disconnect you from the call but not close the meeting. The meeting will stay open until everyone disconnects.

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