Setting up your Scouts QLD email on your PC/Mac using Outlook

Setting up your Scouts QLD email on your PC/Mac using Outlook

Please note you cannot connect to an Office 365 Email using Outlook 2007 or earlier due to one of the communication protocols being depreciated.

Steps for Outlook 2016, 2019 or 365

Please note depending on your version of Outlook what you see on the screen may vary to the below images which are from a Windows 10 PC running current version of Office 365

If you currently have email setup in Outlook you will need too:

Open Outlook on your computer

Go to FILE

You should see the “Add Account”

It will bring up the below menu – type in your username which is: eg

If you do not have an email account setup in Outlook, you will be prompted to setup an account at first login.

Click ‘Connect'


You should see a new window pop up like this one:

Type your password in the Password field and click OK

Make sure you click the Remember my credentials box to save your password, otherwise every time you log in it will ask for your password.


Outlook will continue with the setup of the account for you and show a message when setup is completel

click Skip or untick the setup on Mobile box if that appears, then you are ready to use Outlook.

Steps for Outlook 2010

For Outlook 2010 please ensure Outlook is closed to add the new account.

Open the Control Panel
Depending on your version of Windows you can access the Control Panel via:
      Start Menu - icon on the start menu
      Right Click on Start Menu - Control Panel will be an option
      Right Click on Start Menu and select Run
            At the Run window type Control and click OK

Once in the Control Panel locate Mail - if you cannot see Mail in the list, you may need to switch the view from Category to Small or Large Icons

When you have clicked on Mail you should see the following:
Click on Email Accounts

The following should appear - click on 'New'
if you have an existing email account you should see it in the main section

At this screen, select the bottom option - Manually configure

At this screen, select the middle option - Microsoft Exchange:

The below screenshot is just an example, the details you need are as follows:
User Name:

After clicking Next another Window should pop up prompting you to enter your password, make sure you ticket to remember credentials.

When the process is complete you can open Outlook 2010 and start using your new Scouts QLD email.

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