Setup Two Factor Authentication using Microsoft Authenticator App.

Setup Two Factor Authentication using Microsoft Authenticator App.

This article will show you how to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Scouts QLD Microsoft Office 365 account using the Microsoft Authenticator app.
If you have a preferred Authenticator application or do not wish to use the Microsoft authenticator app, please skip to Step 2:

Step 1: Install Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone

For Android Devices search for Microsoft Authenticator in the Play store, install the app to your device

For iOS Devices search for Microsoft Authenticator in the App store, install the app to your device

Once the app installed, load the app to make sure you are able to add an account,

Step 2: Connect your Microsoft 365 account to your Authenticator App

Once you have installed Microsoft Authenticator on your device (or your preferred authenticator app) you will need to log into Office 365 in your browser.

Open your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and navigate to - sign into your account using your account information.

After entering your password and clicking Sign In, you should be prompted to provide more information:

Click Next.
On the following screen, in the top drop down box change it to Mobile app
Then select Receive notifications for verification
Click setup to configure the app on your device
Note you can opt to receive a SMS/text to your phone using the Authentication phone option
If you select Use verification code this will work via an authenticator app and you will need to enter a 6 digit code when logging in.

The following should appear on your screen:

Follow the steps on-screen to add the account to the Microsoft Authenticator

When complete click Next

Step 2 will prompt you to confirm authentication on your phone, you will need to click approve on the message on your Device
You should see something similar to this:

Step 3 will prompt you for a phone number to use in case you lose access to the Authenticator app

Add your phone number, then click Next

This will complete setup of 2FA on your account.

Now when you log into Microsoft 365 (browser, teams, Outlook, Onedrive etc) after entering your password you will be prompted to approve the sign in

On your device click approve on the notification to sign in.
If you have a SmartWatch and configure permissions to allow Microsoft Authenticator to send notification to your watch, you can approve sign in from your watch

Manual Activation of 2FA

Once logged in you should see the Welcome screen/dashboard:

Click on your name in the top right corner and select View Account

This will bring you to the Account Screen - you will need to click on Security info using the menu on the left or UPDATE INFO in the middle of the screen

On the Security Info Page click Add method

Select Authenticator app then click Add

If you have the Microsoft Authenticator app click Next
If you are using another authenticator app click ( want to use a different authenticator app

Click Next

Follow the onscreen prompts to scan the QR code and link your device to your account.
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