Strategic Planning Tools

Strategic Planning Tools

Scouts Queensland Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028

'Empowering young people to their full potential through our Youth Program'

Attached to this article are resources to support your Unit, Group, District, Region or Team in the delivery of the Strategic Plan:

  1. Strategy on a Page (the 4 pillars of the Strategic Plan)
  2. Strategic Plan Document (in full)
  3. Strategy Worksheet (populate your own Actions and Success Measures)
  4. Stop, Start, Continue Exercise Template
  5. Scouts Queensland Strategic Plan Update (November 2023)
  6. Scouts Queensland Strategic Plan Update (April 2024)

Editable worksheets to support the Stop Start Continue exercise in your Region/District/Group.
  1. Simply get your team together and using the Single Stop/Start/Continue Sheet – capture all the ideas that your team think should be actions for your Region/District/Group.
  2. Next as a Group you should prioritise them - what is the most important to least important in each category.
  3. Then select the top 3 or 5 (dependent on the number) and carry them over to the summary page - single sheet that lists Stop/Start/Continue.
  4. This single sheet could be displayed in the den/shared on teams for all to see - so that the Group/District/Region know what you are working on.
  5. Scan and email this sheet to
  6. Then some of these actions may support your strategic plan actions.

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