Vehicle Insurance Explained

Vehicle Insurance Explained


Scouts Queensland owns and operates several different types of vehicles, in support scouting activities. These include but may not be limited to:
  1. Trailers 
  2. Motor vehicles
  3. Tractors 
  4. Ride on mowers
  5. Buses
These assets, when recorded through the annual property return, are covered under the Scouts Queensland Vehicle Insurance Policy. The Vehicle Insurance Policy is one of ten insurance policies that Scouts Queensland holds and is approximately 5% of the total insurance costs. Only the Scouts Queensland Branch Executive Committee may acquire insurance policies as per QBSI 9.14
The purpose of this guide is to provide additional information for formation leaders on Scouts Queensland Vehicle Insurance. For a full breakdown of the Scouts Queensland insurance program please see QBSI 5.6 Insurance

Insurance Fees

The total Vehicle Insurance costs is based on the combined value of all vehicles listed in SMS. Each year Formations are asked to verify information through the Annual Property Return. While the total value of all assets determines the cost, this is charged back to formations based on a single rate per vehicle. 
For example: A new trailer valued at $5,000 will be charged at the same rate as a $500 old wooden trailer, and the same rate will be charged for a trailer as a car or a tractor. All vehicles are charged at the same rate
Therefore, for the purposes of the property return it is encouraged that all vehicles are valued for their full replacement value, not their current condition. This will only marginally impact the cost charged to formation.


Across all formations Scouts Queensland owns approximately 270+ trailers. 
In Queensland, while hitched to a Queensland registered vehicle, most trailers will be covered under the towing vehicles insurance policy. Policy & Rules R12.2 requires that all vehicles providing transport must be registered and carry insurance. For tow vehicles registered outside the state of Queensland or when towing a Queensland registered trailer interstate, please check with your respective insurer to ensure that the Scouts Queensland trailer will be covered under your policy. The driver of the vehicle is legally responsible for the safe operation of the trailer, and ensuring the towing vehicle, trailer and couplings meet the minimum standards. 
A trailer, may not be covered by comprehensive insurance if: 
  1. it doesn’t comply with Queensland registration and vehicle standard legislation
  2. its on-road mass exceeds your vehicle’s towing capacity
  3. it’s not roadworthy or safe
  4. it’s overloaded
Scouts Queensland Vehicle Insurance provide coverage for the Fire, Theft and Third-Party Liability associated with the trailer while it is not hitched to the vehicle 

Motor Vehicles

Scouts Queensland owns a number of on-road vehicles. These include but may not be limited to pool vehicles located at the Branch Support Office and support vehicles for campsites. On-road vehicles must always be maintained in a road worthy condition and must only be operated by authorised and appropriately licenced volunteers or employees. This does include drivers under the age of 21, however should hold at least a provisional driver’s licence or greater.
All on-road vehicles must be registered in the name of Scouts Queensland and listed in SMS
“Bash” vehicles do not meet road-worthy conditions, therefore can be covered on the Industrial Special (Property) insurance, and not the Motor Vehicle Policy. If a formation wishes to insure their bash vehicle for loss, it needs to be listed on the Annual Property Return.

Other Vehicles

For insurance purposes vehicle insurance also includes motor-cycles, caravans, zero turn mowers, mobile plant and equipment, tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines. Similar to on-road vehicles, these types of equipment and plant should be maintained in a safe working condition at all times and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and standard operating procedures.
All plant and equipment should be listed in SMS, and verified through the annual property return.

Unregistered Vehicles

There are approximately 110+ unregistered vehicles owned by Scouts Queensland and used at various formation levels. These include mowers, tractors, trailers and trailer mounted porta loos. Due to their status, unregistered vehicles are covered for property damage only. 
At no stage should unregistered vehicle be used on public roads, or even adjacent the road within the road reserve. These will not be covered by insurance.

For unregistered vehicles that need to be operated on road verges, such as mowers and tractors, please contact to arrange a conditional registration. Conditional registration is a registration scheme for non-standard vehicles and gives you the benefit of compulsory third party insurance in the event of a crash occurring on a road causing personal injury.

Making a Claim

In the event a vehicle is stolen or damaged, initiate a claim by completing an F1 - Insurance Claim Form.pdf and email this to
Depending on the nature of the incident you may also need to complete a F18 Incident Report Form which can be found HERE 
If any additional information is required, contact a member of the Facility and Risk team. All claims incur a $500 administration fee payable by the controlling formation whilst Scouts Queensland will pay all other deductibles.

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