A Guide to Completing the Annual Property Return

A Guide to Completing the Annual Property Return


As part of Scouts Qld's insurance renewal process and as specified in QBSI 5.6.8. , formations are required to review and validate their property records and values through the Annual Property Return. This directly impacts the insurance rechange amount that all formations receive in April.

The Annual Property Return exercise begins in August/September, all formations' Leaders in Charge will receive an email from Scouts Qld's Branch Facilities and Risk Team with the Annual Property Return forms to be completed, signed and returned by the specified due date. The property records and values received through the Annual Property Returns will be updated on SMS and Insurance Record by October/November. It will then go through extensive reviews by Scouts Qld's Insurance Management Committee before the current insurance policies expire in March for renewal by April, as per Scouts Qld's Financial Year.

Annual Property Return submission is a pre-requisite for Grant and Building Application. It is recommended that formations dedicate time to review and complete the property return forms during this annual exercise. If there are no changes to the property records and values, formations are still required to confirm by submitting the property return forms.

Formations are encouraged to inform Scouts Qld's Branch Facilities and Risk Team at any time the property records and values change, for an up-to-date SMS and Insurance Record, and the intended insurance coverage.

Annual Property Return Form

The 2023 Property Return form has been updated into a four-section form. The four-page Property Return form and together with the Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Marine form as well as the Summary of Equipment List have to be completed, signed and returned to Scouts Qld's Branch Facilities and Risk Team.
Please email facilities@scoutsqld.com.au for a copy of your formation's Annual Property Return forms.
Accessibility and Compliance
Beginning 2023, the Annual Property Return will collect responses on disabled access and compliance of fire safety, electrical test, emergency management as well as asbestos management. These responses are required for all freehold, leased, licensed, regular hire, regular shared used sites and facilities. 
Building Band and Value
With the exception of Band 1, building replacement costs associated with each band shall be maintained by Scouts Queensland and updated from time to time. The banding is based on average costs for the building configurations and floor area as described in the Building Band and Value table below.

Assumptions and Exclusions
  1. Building areas are based on total enclosed and covered areas (excluding eaves soffits)
  2. All new builds must include PWD, Ambulant, unisex toilets (2-3 in total) for code compliance
  3. All new builds are single story, slab on ground (or can be re-built as single story SOG)
  4. Existing services connections are suitable for re-use without upgrade/alteration
  5. Excludes multiple buildings, car park, retaining walls
  6. Excludes AC, Solar

Please note that the values listed below are effective from 1 April 2024
 Based on Standalone Valuation
This banding level is for buildings which do not fit into a standard plan. This will often be campsite infrastructure or significant Scout Halls, Branch Support Offices, etc.
This level will require a standalone valuation by a competent builder, valuer or architect once every three years
Large sized conventional Scout Hall up to 400m2
Conventional steel frame, steel cladding, internal wall linings, multipurpose space, full kitchen, meeting room/s, storage.

Medium size conventional Scout Hall up to 220m2
Convention steel frame, steel cladding, internal wall linings, multipurpose space, kitchenette, single meeting room, storage.

Small Basic Scout Hall up to 150m2
Based on standard proprietary shed, lined and insulated to building code requirements, single multi-purpose space, basic kitchenette, minimal storage.

Removal and rehabilitation only

Insured by Council / Lessor / Owner / Lessee (for Sub-Lease/Sub-Hire) 
NB: this will be dependent on the policy of the local council


Non-Standard Configuration Scouts Hall

For Scouts Hall that does not fit the standard configuration, additional costs for a rebuild may be as follows. 
Formation that has a non-standard configuration Scouts Hall should be mindful of the additional costs and if the total cost is 90-100% of the currently specified building band value, consider upgrading to the next higher band value. 

2 Storey Buildings
Add min $300/m2 extra
Add min $40K for stairs

Raised max 900 above ground level
Add min $300/m2 extra
Add min $65K for PWD ramps, stairs

Sloping or steep sites
Add for bulk earthworks to suit single level building
Add for new retaining walls where existing are part of building or platform

Car Park

Add where existing will be impacted by new build

Abnormal foundation conditions
Add where ground conditions are known to be poor, reactive soils, etc
Retaining Walls

For more details on Building Band please go to Property Banding Explained 

Summary of Equipment List

Formations can elect to forgo insurance for all or part of its equipment/contents/stocks/inventories. 
The Summary of Equipment List with replacement value is required for items that formations intend to insure.
Total value from the Summary of Equipment List will be the Total Value of Insured Equipment.

Items that should be listed are solar panels, furniture, fittings, portable equipment, electrical/electronic equipment, utensils, stationaries, trophies, regalia, libraries, activity gears and bash vehicles.
Please do not list Motor Vehicles (Trailers, Ride-On Mowers and Tractors) as well as Marine and Watercrafts (Canoes, Kayaks, Boats and Dinghy) in the Summary of Equipment List and include the value to the Total Value of Insured Equipment. They are to be listed in Form C - Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Marine. 

The Summary of Equipment List form is a basic spreadsheet to capture the equipment/item, quantity and total replacement value of each equipment/item listed. If formations already have a similar list or inventory, it can be considered as a submission for the Annual Property Return. 

Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Marine

Scouts Qld's Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy covers vehicle such as car, truck, van, bus, utility vehicle, ride-on mower, tractors and trailer. Whilst Marine Hull Insurance covers boat, dinghy, kayak, canoe and other watercrafts.

If formation intends to insure their Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Marine it is recommended that they are registered. Insurers require identification and proof of purchase/acquisition/ownership when an insurance claim is made. All formations' Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Boats should be registered under The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc and approved by the General Manager as the Registered Operator.
Please email facilities@scoutsqld.com.au to arrange for your formation's Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Boats' registration.

When updating the Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Marine form please specify the following identification numbers and details;
  1. Type of Vehicle, Trailer, Marine and Watercraft 
  2. Registration Number - from plate number, registration certificate or renewal notice
  3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / CHASSIS Number / Hul Identification Number (HIN) - from the plate attached to the vehicle by the manufacturer, supplier's invoice or safety certificate
  4. Engine Number / Serial Number - for tractors, ride-on mowers, off-road utility vehicles, boats without VIN/CHASSIS Number/HIN
  5. Scouts Qld's Watercraft Certification Number / Model Number / Brand / Colour / Length - for boats and watercrafts without  VIN/CHASSIS Number/HIN/Engine Number/Serial Number
Please also specify any additional permanent fixture, lock and other items attached to the Vehicle, Trailer and Watercraft, and include the attachment(s) to the the replacement value.
Example: Portable Toilets Trailer, BBQ Trailer, Boat - engine, radio, permanent fittings/equipment/items.
For more details on Vehicle Insurance Fee and Making a Claim, please go to Vehicle Insurance Explained

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