1. Overview (contained on this page)
  2. Definitions
  3. Project Register
  4. Project Size
  5. Project Phases
  6. Controls
  7. Reporting
  8. Closure of a project
  9. Responsibilities
  10. Templates and associated Documents


This framework establishes an approach to the initiation, planning, implementation and completion of projects. It describes the minimum requirements for the governance and management of projects.  It is designed to improve the way in which projects are managed as they progress to completion and to increase the visibility of projects and our processes to our Members.  Not all projects require high and complex levels of governance, documentation and reporting and the aim of the project management model outlined by this document is to provide a set of guidelines that can be adapted to suit the requirements of each project.  

This framework applies to projects that are partially or fully funded by the Queensland Branch or are controlled by the Queensland Branch.  Projects must operate in the context of policies and procedures of the Association as determined from time to time including but not limited to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions and the Delegations of Authority Policy. 


We define a project as:
"A temporary endeavour to create a unique product, service or result which is of significant enough importance to require its own management".
Examples of projects include:
  • Building or upgrading a building for storage, works or accommodation;
  • Developing or upgrading an information system;
  • Creating new infrastructure for a built environment;
  • Conducting a conference or exhibition;
  • Restoring a building, or a specific asset within the building, to its original condition eg: replacing a roof or a building mechanical services;
  • Fitting out a building to allow occupation and operations to be conducted; and
  • Undertaking a significant business improvement, restructuring or organisational training program.
Generally, project work is funded from the capital budget, although significant works conducted as maintenance which may be funded partly or in full from operational budgets will be managed as projects where the work meets the above criteria.

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