Campsite Enquires - FAQ

Campsite Enquires - FAQ

The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc. operates approximately 35 campsites across Queensland. Some of these sites are managed by volunteers leaders through their respective region and districts. The following are general frequently asked questions about staying on Scout Queensland sites:


Check-in Check-out Times

Note that an overnight fee will generally provide 24 hours access to site. Office hours will vary from site to site. Some sites may not have onsite staff and therefore would be considered fully self service.
However for administration purposes is is expected that for overnight stay check-in is between 2-4pm and checkout should be finalized at 10am.

For site specific information please contact each site directly

Can I bring my dog?

All Scout Queensland Sites are located in sensitive Environemnetal areas. Therefore pets must not be allowed to run loose and must be either on a lead or within pens at all times. 
Owners of pets are fully responsible for their care and must clean up after their pets. 

Can I have a campfire?

Subject to and depending on advice from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, campfires may be permitted. Fires must be contained within designated firepits/campsite circles.
Fires must be completely extinguished before leaving. Timber onsite forms part of natural habitate for animals and therefore must not be collected for fire wood, rather all fuel must be brought onsite.

Strict rural fires regulations apply to our property and must be observed, anyone found in breach of this may be asked to leave

Can I collect Firewood onsite

The collection of firewood onsite is discouraged. Fallen timber forms part of habitat for local wildlife.
At times firewood may be created from maintenance work, which may be stacked near fire circles. This is free to use on a first come first serve basis, however supply of firewood cannot be garenteed.
We would always suggest that visitors bring their own fire wood

Do I need to pay to be a Supporter of Scouting to stay onsite?

Scout campsites are privately run, and due to council restriction are only available scout members and like community groups. 
This does not allow for public camping. 
Supporter of Scouting is a program developed to provide members of the public, who are not involved in youth program delivery, or volunteering in any other organizational capacity, the opportunity to support and have a level of association with Scouts Queensland.
This is achieved through the payment of an annual subscription fee.
As a benefit of becoming a Supporter of Scouting, individuals with their immediate family are able to stay at select Scouts Camping sites across Queensland (with the payment of additional camping fees or day use fees).
Supporters of Scouts are not official members as defined in the Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) and national document Policy and Rules. They shall not be directly or indirectly involved with the Scout Youth or Scout Programs. However, they must conduct themselves at all times in harmony with the values and mission of Scouts Queensland.

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