Get started with Scouts Queensland Microsoft Office 365

Get started with Scouts Queensland Microsoft Office 365

Hello, welcome to Microsoft Office 365.

If you have received your an email advising your Microsoft Office 365 account has been created, this knowledge base article is designed to help you start using Office 365 with Scouts Queensland.
All Members given access to Office 365 are issued an email address that is your Membership number followed by the domain. Example – this email also serves as your individual Office 365 username when logging into any services.
Self Service password reset has been enabled for your account, when you log on to Office 365 you will be asked to supply a recovery email and mobile phone number.  If these have been entered and you forget your Office 365 password, you can use the reset password option and reset your own password using the recovery email and mobile number to validate the request.
To setup these recovery options, please log into the Office 365 Portal via your browser –

What is 
Microsoft  Office 365?
Office 365 for Scouts QLD is a communication and information sharing platform developed and supported by Microsoft.

Starting with an email for all members across the state Office 365 includes suite of tools and applications that will help us to better communicate and share information at all levels of Scouting across Queensland.

A few of the features included are:

  • Cloud based document storage for both individual and formation – with the ability to sync any accessible information with PC, Mac and Mobile devices using OneDrive.
  • Online suite of Office software – Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint
  • Online text, voice and video communication – online meetings/conference calls using Microsoft Teams
  • Group/Shared calendars to assist with scheduling across a Group, District, Region or enve the entire Branch.
Please note the licensing provided to us by Microsoft under their Not-for-profit program does NOT allow you to install the Office 365 suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc) on your computer.  What is included is the online version of the suite - you can use Word and Excel (and the rest of the suite) in your browser via the Office 365 portal.

This short YouTube video from Microsoft helps give a quick overview of the platform.

What is the purpose of Office 365 for Scouting in Queensland?
Office 365 is part of the Group Management Software (GMS) project, aimed at cutting down the time spent day to day in managing a Scout Group.

365 fits into the project by allowing Scouts QLD to better communicate and share information at all levels, from Branch down through the Region, District and Group to the individual member and back up.  From storing and sharing of documents to online meetings with attendees from across the state, Office 365 has been identified at the platform that best meets the needs of Scouts Queensland now and into the future.

Logging into the Office 365 portal using your browser

The following link will take you a guide to assist with logging into Office 365 via your browser.

Using your Scouts QLD Email

Email is an important part of the Scouts QLD Office 365 deployment, as we have members in a variety of different roles who need to use email in different ways, depending on your appointment your email set-up may differ.

The below links will assist you in accessing/logging onto your email:

Default Email - the standard default email address for every member of Scouts Queensland is your (for example
This default email is also your Scouts QLD Office 365 user-name and you will use it to log into Office 365 everywhere - Webmail, Teams, OneDrive and so on.
IMPORTANT - even if you have a standard email as a part of your appointment you will ALWAYS log in using your

Email Type 1) Appointment based email automatically attached to your account
If you have an appointment that has a specific email, this will automatically be attached to your Office 365 and become your primary email - so when you send an email this is they email that will appear, and this will be listed in the address book.

All appointment based emails are created in the format:

When an email address is transitioned to a new person taking the role it is important to note the actual emails do NOT transition as well, these emails are in the mailbox of the Office 365 account belong to the member that last held that role.  If you need assistance with transferring emails to another member or gaining access to previous emails if the mailbox belongs to someone who is no longer a member of Scouts Queensland, please contact the IT Support Team for assistance -

The below are a list of appointment based emails at the Region, District and Group Level
Region Commissioner -
Adult Member (Chairman) -
Adult Member (Secretary) -
Adult Member (Treasurer) - t
Assistant Region Commissioner (Adult Training & Development) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Adventurous Activities) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Cub Scouts) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Development) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Group Support) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Joey Scouts) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Resources) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Rover Scout Adviser) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Scouts) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Venturer Scouts) -
Assistant Region Commissioner (Youth Program) -
Region Leader (Cubs Scouts) -
Region Leader (Joey Scouts) -
Region Leader (Rover Advisor) -
Region Leader (Scouts) -
Region Leader (Venturer Scouts) -

District Commissioner -
Adult Member (Chairman) -
Adult Member (Secretary) -
Adult Member (Treasurer) - treasurer@district.scoutsqld.c
Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training & Development) -
Assistant District Commissioner (Adventurous Activities) -
Assistant District Commissioner (Development) - adc.development@district.scoutsqld.
Assistant District Commissioner (Group Support) -
Assistant District Commissioner (Resources) -
Assistant District Commissioner (Youth Program) -
District Leader (Cubs Scouts) -
District Leader (Joey Scouts) -
District Leader (Rover Advisor) -
District Leader (Scouts) -
District Leader (Venturer Scouts) -

Group Leader -
Assistant Group Leader -
Adult Member (Chairman) -
Adult Member (Secretary) - se
Adult Member (Treasurer) - trea

Email Type 2) Shared mailboxes
Shared mailboxes are a mailbox than can be accessed and used by multiple people, it is a not a separate accounts so you will need a Scouts QLD account ( to access and use a shared mailbox.

Currently we utilise shared mailboxes for our events, campsites and groups.

Standard Group Shared Mailboxes:
General Enquiries - accessible by the Group Leader and Assistant Group Leader
Join Enquiries - u  This email is a second email attached to the General Enquiries mailbox and not a separate email account
Section Mailboxes: accessible by all Leaders in the section
If there are two sections of the same in a group eg two Cub Scout Units we use the day of the week in the emails - and

If you have need of an additional shared mailbox for a specific purpose at your group, or if you would like additional members/leaders to have access to an existing shared mailbox please contact the IT Support Team for assistance - 

Setting up your shared mailbox

The following links contain information on setting up a shared mailbox:

Adding a Shared Mailbox for Outlook on your Mac  (Microsoft Guide - refer to delegate section)

Starting with OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud based storage platform available for use with One Terabyte (approx 1,000GB) of storage available.
This storage is only accessible by you unless you choose selected files or folders with others.

The OneDrive app available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS allows you to easily upload and access your files from anywhere, you can also flag files to be available off-line should not have access to the internet to view your Cloud Storage.

The below article outlines starting with OneDrive
Start using Microsoft OneDrive - coming soon

You can also use OneDrive to syncronise files and folders in Microsoft Teams - the below link shows how to do this.

Starting with Microsoft Teams

The below link will assist you with installing and accessing Teams on your PC/Mac or Mobile device

Setting up a meeting in Microsoft Teams

We have created the below article to assist with setting up a meeting and inviting external participants using Microsoft Teams

Further Microsoft (Office) 365 Training

If you would like to learning more about using Microsoft (Office) 365 - Microsoft has an excellent web based Training Centre with short videos and guides on each of the Office applications.

You can find the training centre here:  Microsoft 365 Training Centre

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